Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

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Genre: Action Adventure Thriller
Director: Brad Bird
Year: 2011
Runtime: 133 min
Budget: 145,000,000 $
Official site: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Plot Summary
IMF agent Ethan Hunt, who's been out for sometime, is given another mission. He has to break into the Kremlin to obtain some information. He gets in but when he gets to where he is suppose to go, the information is not there. And at the same in another part of the building someone kills some people and takes some sensitive material. He then taps into Ethan's frequency, pretending to be part of his team. Ethan then calls an abort and just as he was leaving, the Kremlin explodes. Ethan is knocked out and wakes up in a hospital handcuffed to a bed and questioned by a Russian agent who thinks he's responsible for what happened. Ethan escapes and calls the Secretary who meets him with an aide named Brandt. Ethan gives them a description of the man he thinks is responsible and is told he's a rogue scientist. Ethan is told that IMF is being shut down. And since he's wanted, he is told by the Secretary that he can either turn himself in or go out and find the man responsible. That's when they're attacked by the Russian who thinks Ethan is the one responsible. The Secretary is killed, Ethan and Brandt escape and join two other agents and they set out to find the man and clear the IMF. Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com
Aceasta nu e doar o altă misiune. Organizaţia IMF e închisă fiindcă a fost făcută publică implicarea ei într-un complot global de atacuri teroriste cu bombe. E iniţiat Protocolul Fantomă (Ghost Protocol), iar Ethan Hunt şi noua sa echipă de duri trebuie să se infiltreze şi să acţioneze sub acoperire pentru a spăla numele organizaţiei din care fac parte. Când intră sub acoperire ei nu mai au ajutor, nu mai au legătură cu organizaţia, sunt în afara "hărţilor" cunoscute.


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